Acute Medicine

Acute Medicine refers to the management of the unexpected care needs of the patient, including emergency situations and the acutely unwell patient. Doctors in acute internal medicine (AIM) assess, investigate, diagnose and manage the care of patients with conditions that have developed quickly, exhibit severe symptoms and may be life-threatening. Much of the work involves the immediate care of patients around the time of their admission to hospital and the initial diagnosis and treatment for up to 72 hours of all acutely presenting medical ailments. It also includes the provision of ambulatory (outpatient) care.

The spectrum of clinical problems is wide, so our consultants are experts in acute aspects of all medical specialties, and gain excellent practical procedure skills. Our consultants interact daily with colleagues from the emergency department, critical care and many other medical specialities.

How can we help?

Our Consultants can offer support with:

Managing acute presentation of medical illness promptly


Managing medical patients in an in-patient setting

Meet the team

Dr Tamer Al-Sayed

Qualifications: MBBS and MRCP
Special Interests: Acute Oncology, renal disorders and acute kidney injury

Dr Tamer Al-Sayed’s clinical interests are in renal disorders and acute kidney injury, with emphasis on risk recognition, early detection and intervention in both oncology and non-oncology patient populations. He also has an interest in electrolyte and acid base disturbances particularly in patients receiving systemic anticancer chemotherapy. He is the acute kidney injury clinical lead at The Christie Hospital and in the process of developing clinical guidelines for the trust.

Dr Tamer Al-Sayed’s is The Royal College Tutor for University Teaching Hospital of South Manchester and final year medical student lead.

My passion is teaching and training with an emphasis on the incorporation of basic medical sciences at the bedside. In my spare time, I enjoy playing football and supporting Liverpool FC. I am a keen reader of philosophy.