Premises-based Palliative and Supportive Care

Supportive Care UK supports several UK hospitals and their patients by providing Consultant and specialist nurse input in outpatient and inpatient settings.

The Christie Clinic HCA, Manchester

Participating hospitals include

Supportive Care UK is registered with the Care Quality Commission.

“The service has always been consistently high with availability of consultants to support not only patients and their families, but also our staff and the primary consultant in charge of the patients’ care. There is a strong ethos of collaboration between consultants delivering end of life care and symptom control. Both of Doctor Berman’s teams make a crucial difference to the patient pathway and the outcomes of care.”

CEO The Christie Private Care

“I want to thank Hayley (CNS in palliative care) for her help over the past few months. We have many complex patients and discharges on the ward and her help, support and guidance with these has been invaluable.”

Senior Sister

Oncology Inpatient Ward, The Christie Private Care

“Many thanks again for all your care and support. You have made the toughest time of our lives a little easier.”

Patient’s Relative

The Christie Private Care

“Hayley, Now things have settled down a little, I would like to thank you so much for the treatment you gave to John and the family. We have taken so much comfort that John was made comfortable and pain free during the last few days and talking to you was so wonderful.”

Patient’s Relative

The Alexandra Hospital BMI

Specialist Training Programmes

Our Service Level agreements include the provision of annual staff training programmes in Palliative and Supportive Care.

“The interactive participation made us all think about how we would approach and speak to patients. Having cared for my husband through terminal cancer I found one of the sessions emotionally difficult. However, despite this I found the day very helpful and cathartic. My colleagues were very supportive and understanding. I am constantly amazed by people in a positive way.”

Staff Member

The Alexandra Hospital BMI

“We learnt so much today from Dr Cawley. Thank you for such an informative and practical session on End of Life Care and Advanced communication skills. I only wish could have a whole week’s worth of training!”

Staff Member

KIMS Hospital Kent