Supportive Care and Clinical Governance

At Supportive Care UK we aim to provide a high quality and reliable service to all our users. In order to achieve this it’s important we have robust arrangements to govern all the activities we provide. When working with any organisation our watchword is collaboration; we will typically do a site visit and gather information so we can make an assessment of the individual needs of the organisation. The site visit, (by our lead operational nurse), ensures we can work in partnership to assist with, and develop standard operating procedures, and algorithms ensuring staff are supported with the change.

All of our Consultants are on the GMC Specialist Register with Royal College qualifications and a Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training (CCST), our recruitment processes, and pre-employment checks ensure all the essential qualifications, skills, safeguarding checks and insurance requirements are in place and up to date.

A recorded call handling service is used out of hours with a reporting facility available to review response times or support any incident investigation; we have standard response times that are audited regularly. All telephone advice calls are recorded on e-proformas and sent to service providers and the quality assurance team. The quality assurance committee meets weekly where all advice and information is reviewed by the Medical Director. Clinical effectiveness is monitored and feedback available to providers, and the SCUK Consultants if there are themes or trends noted that may benefit from dissemination of guidelines, education or training. The on call rota is planned and shared with organisations six weeks in advance. Spot checks are made on rotas and there is a business continuity plan is in place. The Consultant team are invited to join in with Consultant forums where developments and improvement are planned.

Any incidents or concerns are recorded, and together with the risk register are reviewed at our board meetings. Key performance indicators and any risks on the register are assessed and assurance is sought to actively manage the risk score.